Sophisticated Drama

Caro Model Milk 270-001

“Smokey eyes are like a good mature wine. It’s not just the color and shade that matters but it has to leave an impression on you.”

Smokey eyes are not just a trend but a look that will never go out of style. It adds sophisticated drama to your over all look and speaks for itself. Connie rocked a beautiful black Smokey eye that drew attention to her gorgeous big brown eyes.

Caro Model Milk 297

When most people think of a Smokey eye, they think grey and black but you can create a Smokey eye out of many different colour groups. Bronze and brown Smokey eyes are also a favourite amongst Smokey eye lovers.

What is important is the placement of your eye shadow. Know the shape of your eye and whether you should smoke the eye shadow from the back or the front of your eyelid.

Caro Model Milk 315-001

Choose a lipstick that won’t compete with your eyes. A Nude lipstick or one that is close to your own lip color works really well.

The next time you go out for drinks…think Smokey! It never fails to impress.

What a privilege to work with Erin Brooke from Erin Brooke Photography & Design at such a funky venue. Erin Brooke is a true artist who has the ability to see and capture the beauty, atmosphere and style in a very unique way.

It was great working with everyone involved.

Credit: Photography: Erin Brooke Photography & Design; Model: Conni; Hair: Cassidy Andrew; Venue: Model Milk