Model Milk Shoot

Caro Model Milk 045

Monique is a lady that just knows how to mix elegance with style. Her look is striking without being overpowering. A bold color like orange definitely makes a statement but it doesn’t have to compete with your makeup. Your makeup should flow with your look and compliment what you are wearing. When you look at someone you want to see the whole person and not just the makeup or a piece of clothing.

The fastest way to make over your look is to change your lipstick.” (Michael Kors)

Caro Model Milk 415

Finding the right lip stick color can be a challenge for anyone. My advice is …try it before you buy it!! Lip stick colors can be very deceiving and can look very different on your lips than on the lips of your friend or the girl in the magazine. Your natural lip color and skin tone plays a big part in finding that right color for you.

Caro Model Milk 020

Lip sticks are probably the most personal makeup item you will ever have in your kit! I believe it’s because it can say so much about you and really reflects how you feel or how you want to be perceived. Yes…it’s not just your voice that speaks but your lips have a say too!!

Credit: Photography: Erin Brooke Photography & Design; Model: Monique; Hair: Cassidy Andrew; Venue: Model Milk