Bohemian Fashionista


   “Being Bohemian isn’t just about a look, it’s a lifestyle.”

-Lea WhiteFeather

Bohemian belles are all about independence– freedom from the ordinary.


My beautiful friend Rachel is a true Bohemian fashionista. She lives her unconventional, artistic life with such passion and many adore her for that.

When you want to create a bohemian look with your makeup it is important to know what you are going to wear. Using colors that compliment your outfit provides a cohesive look.

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Earth-toned eye makeup colors like deep purples, brown, gold, greens, and charcoal work really well for a natural or sexy smokey eye. In Rachel’s shoot I used a rosy cheek color to keep her face fresh and a beige nude lip stick to make her lips lush and full.
I’ve also applied some eye shadow underneath her eye (instead of the usual liner) to keep her look soft. A darker line can sometimes close the eye.


The Bohemian style is not just free spirited…It is an organic beauty that isn’t glamorous or perfect but makes a statement.


Credit: Photography and Studio: Erin Brooke Photography & Design; Model/Styling: Rachel; Hair: Cassidy Andrew