Dramatic Beauty

Vine Inspiration Shoot

My darling, my bride, you excite me!

You have stolen my heart with just one quick look from your eyes,

with just one of the jewels from your necklace.

Your love is so beautiful, my darling, my bride!

Your love is better than wine.

(Song of Solomon)


She embodies everything he looks for in a woman. She moves gracefully across the room…unaware of the attention she draws. She is confident in who she is and the love they share. She is like a refined vintage wine.

Caro Makeup Artistry, wedding and bridal makeup Calgary

We created a timeless, luxurious look and placed it in a setting that inspires romance. The Ranche house was originally built 100 years ago and has a commanding but understated presence. We love how the details, like the fire place, wooden floors and piano take you back to an old Hollywood era that encourages mysterious love.

Calgary wedding makeup, Caro Makeup Artistry

For makeup I opted for porcelain skin, and blushing cheeks…defining our bride’s eyebrows and eyes but using soft colors (peach and pink) to soften the look. It was a unique combination of drama and beauty.

Calgary wedding makeup artist, Caro Makeup Artistry

Christina’s look reminds us of the film actress Greta Garbo that just knew how to project mystery and mystique both on screen and real life. She was an international star and icon during Hollywood’s silent and classic periods.

Credit: Photography: Hanafoto; Model: Christina; Hair: Cassidy Andrew; Dress: Frocks; Jewelry: Vespucci; Tablescape: Creative Weddings and Magical Moments; Flowers: Philip Chong Flower Bar; Invitations: Plush Invitations; Cheese Wheel Cake: Springbank Cheese (Linda); Venue: The Ranche


Caro Makeup Artistry, wedding makeup Calgary

Where love meets Luxury

Creative Wedding Headpieces

Flower Headpieces

There was a time when tiaras or veils were expected to be seen at most weddings. Today it has given way to the more popular trendy flower headpieces. Flower headpieces used to be associated with the sixty peace era but has now taken on a new meaning among modern brides. It reflects a natural beauty that is approachable and fun unlike the conventional tiaras.

Bridal makeup Calgary wedding

We wanted to help our brides think outside of the box when it came to creative headpieces. The very talented Lia Golemba designed & handmade our beautiful paper headpieces and Lyn (from Flower Artistry) created the stunning unusual flower headpieces.

Calgary Bridal Makeup artist, Caro Makeup Artistry-001             Calgary Bridal and Wedding makeup, Caro Makeup Artistry-001

It was important to me that the makeup would complement the bride and her headpiece. I played with different shades of purple to bring Jessica’s green eyes out. I used an emerald green on Marcia’s blue eyes and earthly toned colors to complement Jessie’s soft features. Sarah Scott did an amazing job with our models’ hair to complete the entire look.

Makeup Wedding Calgary, Caro Makeup Artistry-001             Caro Makeup Artistry, Makeup Calgary

Our brides were photographed at Gravity Espresso & Wine Bar, a local and very popular coffee shop and wine bar in Inglewood, and a few images (with the galvanised steel) were done at f8 photography Inc. ‘s studio. f8 photography won the award for Best Photography Studio 2013 by the Wedding Industry Experts.

Makeup Calgary Weddings, Caro Makeup Artistry

We had so much fun collaborating & bringing all these creative elements together for this shoot and could not have asked for a better team to make our dream ideas a reality.

Credit: Photography: f8 photography Inc.; Models: Jessica, Marcia and Jessie; Hair: Sarah Scott; Flowers: Lyn from Flower Artistry; Headpieces: Lia Golemba; Dress: Frocks; Venue: Gravity Espresso Wine Bar/ f8 photography Inc. Studio

Winter Engagement

Winter Engagement: S’more Love Canmore Stylized Shoot


If you would have asked me if I wanted a S’more a few years ago…I would have probably thought that you’re asking me for a smooch! (And give me the wrong idea of Canadian men!!). As a South African who appreciate sitting around a fire, I’m truly greatly to my fellow Canadian friends who have showed me how to combine my plain marshmallow with chocolate and cookies. Who knew such an awesome combination exists!!


Shyla and Serge was our special couple that won this awesome S’more Love Contest that was created by WE CONNECT weddings + events, Flowers by Janie and One Edition Photography.


It involved a full day of pamper, a rustic mountain picnic, an engagement shoot in the mountains, warming up with S’mores, a romantic dinner and two night stay in this beautiful lodge.


I think it was the perfect combination for an engagement shoot and I wish Shyla and Serge many more S’more Love moments and smooches!!



S’more Love Team: Design:WE CONNECT weddings + events; Flowers: Flowers by Janie; Photography: One Edition Photography; Accommodations: Silver Creek Lodge; Dining: Wild Orchid Bistro; Stationary: Creative Finch; Hair: Cassidy Andrew; Makeup: Caro Makeup Artistry; Jewelry: Jackie Bouchard, Stella & Dot Independent Stylist; Sweet Treats: Cakes with Attitude; Linens: Great Event Rentals

Beautiful Luxe Pop Art Wedding

Beautiful Luxe Pop Art Wedding by Hanafoto


Congratulations to everyone who contributed to this funky 60’s wedding shoot!! It was posted on Luxe by Calgary Bride’s blog today!!

Credit to this amazing team: Photography: Hanafoto; Model: Chelsey; Hair: Amanda Jane; Flowers: Philip Chong Flower Bar; Dress: Frocks; Jewelry & Shoes: Vespucci; Venue: Diner Deluxe; Graffiti: EYZ and Toner

Summer Wedding

Susan’s Wedding

What a great morning! The atmosphere in the house was electric.

Although there were so much going on…I just love how Susan embraced every special moment that came her way. You couldn’t help but to be drawn in by their love for each other.


“Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take

but by the moments that take our breath away.”

-Hilary Cooper


It was such a treat to work with all these gorgeous ladies! Thanks again for an awesome morning and thank you Jen(from Chipperfield Photography) for capturing these beautiful moments.



“Thank you for doing such an amazing job on our makeups! All 4 of us looked and felt beautiful that (whole entire) day…and we received so many compliments.”

That Bohemian Girl

Bohemian Fashionista


   “Being Bohemian isn’t just about a look, it’s a lifestyle.”

-Lea WhiteFeather

Bohemian belles are all about independence– freedom from the ordinary.


My beautiful friend Rachel is a true Bohemian fashionista. She lives her unconventional, artistic life with such passion and many adore her for that.

When you want to create a bohemian look with your makeup it is important to know what you are going to wear. Using colors that compliment your outfit provides a cohesive look.

014                  021

Earth-toned eye makeup colors like deep purples, brown, gold, greens, and charcoal work really well for a natural or sexy smokey eye. In Rachel’s shoot I used a rosy cheek color to keep her face fresh and a beige nude lip stick to make her lips lush and full.
I’ve also applied some eye shadow underneath her eye (instead of the usual liner) to keep her look soft. A darker line can sometimes close the eye.


The Bohemian style is not just free spirited…It is an organic beauty that isn’t glamorous or perfect but makes a statement.


Credit: Photography and Studio: Erin Brooke Photography & Design; Model/Styling: Rachel; Hair: Cassidy Andrew

Time to Plan

Stay true to your vision

Wedding planning-makeup

Have you started planning your wedding or are you just secretly dreaming about it? Most women give themselves at least 6 -18 months to prepare for their special day. I don’t think having more time to prepare makes your wedding a success but it does help eliminate stress. Real success of the day comes from how true you stay to the vision you have in your heart.

 Wedding makeupf8photography.comweddingDSC_6063

That day should be a reflection of you and your partner and the love you have for each other. A day where beauty can be unveiled and love can be celebrated.


Book your makeup artist as soon as you have found the right one for you but try to schedule your makeup trial a month before your wedding. By that stage everything will be in place and you can give your makeup artist the full picture of your day and what you expect from her.

Credit: Photography: f8 photography; Model: Tamara; Hair: Cassidy Andrew; Shoes: Vespucci

Fashion Makeup

Model Milk Shoot

Caro Model Milk 045

Monique is a lady that just knows how to mix elegance with style. Her look is striking without being overpowering. A bold color like orange definitely makes a statement but it doesn’t have to compete with your makeup. Your makeup should flow with your look and compliment what you are wearing. When you look at someone you want to see the whole person and not just the makeup or a piece of clothing.

The fastest way to make over your look is to change your lipstick.” (Michael Kors)

Caro Model Milk 415

Finding the right lip stick color can be a challenge for anyone. My advice is …try it before you buy it!! Lip stick colors can be very deceiving and can look very different on your lips than on the lips of your friend or the girl in the magazine. Your natural lip color and skin tone plays a big part in finding that right color for you.

Caro Model Milk 020

Lip sticks are probably the most personal makeup item you will ever have in your kit! I believe it’s because it can say so much about you and really reflects how you feel or how you want to be perceived. Yes…it’s not just your voice that speaks but your lips have a say too!!

Credit: Photography: Erin Brooke Photography & Design; Model: Monique; Hair: Cassidy Andrew; Venue: Model Milk

Smokey Eyes

Sophisticated Drama

Caro Model Milk 270-001

“Smokey eyes are like a good mature wine. It’s not just the color and shade that matters but it has to leave an impression on you.”

Smokey eyes are not just a trend but a look that will never go out of style. It adds sophisticated drama to your over all look and speaks for itself. Connie rocked a beautiful black Smokey eye that drew attention to her gorgeous big brown eyes.

Caro Model Milk 297

When most people think of a Smokey eye, they think grey and black but you can create a Smokey eye out of many different colour groups. Bronze and brown Smokey eyes are also a favourite amongst Smokey eye lovers.

What is important is the placement of your eye shadow. Know the shape of your eye and whether you should smoke the eye shadow from the back or the front of your eyelid.

Caro Model Milk 315-001

Choose a lipstick that won’t compete with your eyes. A Nude lipstick or one that is close to your own lip color works really well.

The next time you go out for drinks…think Smokey! It never fails to impress.

What a privilege to work with Erin Brooke from Erin Brooke Photography & Design at such a funky venue. Erin Brooke is a true artist who has the ability to see and capture the beauty, atmosphere and style in a very unique way.

It was great working with everyone involved.

Credit: Photography: Erin Brooke Photography & Design; Model: Conni; Hair: Cassidy Andrew; Venue: Model Milk

Beautiful Bridal Makeup

Romantic Makeup Look

Beautiful makeup calgary

What a better way than to spend a summer’s day outside with your pink bicycle, freshly picked flowers and that adorable little dress you have always dreamed of.

Christina was the perfect model for this shoot. She just knew how to work the camera and incorporate her surroundings.

Makeup artist Calgary Diner DeluxeProfessional makeup artist Diner Deluxe

I chose a very romantic makeup look for Christina which helped bring out her beautiful chocolate brown eyes. Her eyes came alive with rustic gold, bronze and soft pink eye shadows and her silky skin looked flawless with her pro-long wear foundation. Her soft romantic look grew into a high fashion one after I changed her soft pink lip color into a stronger peach one.

Professional Calgary makeup artist-Caro Makeup Artistry

Christina’s makeup complimented her unique floral dress and shoes which were soft and sexy… and Christina just kept on oozing a beautiful confidence that was captured so stunningly by the talented Hanafoto.

Caro Makeup Artistry-Fashion makeup

I just want to take the time to thank such a wonderful team for all your hard work. You brought the shoot together in such a gorgeous and unique way!

Credit: Photographer: Hanafoto; Model: Christina; Hair: Amanda Jane; Flowers: Philip Chong Flower Bar; Dress: Frocks; Jewelry & Shoes: Vespucci; Venue: Diner Deluxe; Basket: The Bike Shop